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Love books (and hot jocks)?
miz hepburn
LJ friends!!!

Are you fond of reading? Would you like to commit reading one book a month out of pleasure and not because you're asked at work or in school or anything other than personal gain? And by doing so, you don't only get to enjoy the book(s) that you're reading but also learn new things AND see hot jocks with books? I'm not kidding!

Go visit Jessica Zafra's blog and make a pledge on committing to read 1 book a month and we'll be seeing more these fellas from the Philippine Men's Rugby Team, posing for pictures, reading books.

This is just a sampler of more jocks to come :D Here's the link to the blog post.

Make pledges, people. We can save this country's illiteracy problem one book at a time,ogling cute guys to boot!!! photo above (which doesn't show!) is courtesy of Jessica Zafra

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