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Love books (and hot jocks)?
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LJ friends!!!

Are you fond of reading? Would you like to commit reading one book a month out of pleasure and not because you're asked at work or in school or anything other than personal gain? And by doing so, you don't only get to enjoy the book(s) that you're reading but also learn new things AND see hot jocks with books? I'm not kidding!

Go visit Jessica Zafra's blog and make a pledge on committing to read 1 book a month and we'll be seeing more these fellas from the Philippine Men's Rugby Team, posing for pictures, reading books.

This is just a sampler of more jocks to come :D Here's the link to the blog post.

Make pledges, people. We can save this country's illiteracy problem one book at a time,ogling cute guys to boot!!! photo above (which doesn't show!) is courtesy of Jessica Zafra

Burtday wikend
miz hepburn
So I turned 31 last Friday. Thank you to everyone who remembered and greeted me, or said a prayer for me. Much much love!

I was on leave at work Friday night so my friends and I went to Adobo 'to, where we had dinner. The place is owned by my discipler's friend and ever since I got to eat there a few months ago, I wanted to haul every person I know to get a taste of adobo heaven at their quaint, hole-in-the-wall eating place.

We had a delicious serving of adobo sisig, spicy cheesy pork adobo, regular chicken adobo, pork binagoongan, coco chicken adobo and spicy cheesy chicken adobo. Adobo 'to has been given great reviews by Yummy magazine, blogger Margaux Salcedo and made it to the number 1 spot of the Ang pinaka-budget friendly tsibugan (eating place) by QTV 11's Ang Pinaka.

If that made you hungry, visit them at the address below:

31 Gen. Delgado Street
San Antonio Village
Pasig City
Tel. no- 631-3667

For delivery services, you can log on to City Delivery, if you want Adobo 'to treats delivered right to your doorsteps. For deliveries in Makati, Quezon City, Mandaluyong, Greenhills, Fort Area, call City Delivery. For Ortigas and Libis (Eastwood), call the direct number.

My friends and I have pictures but pink_pantera12 haven't uploaded it yet :P

Then on Saturday, my friend (who happens to share the same birthday as mine) got married and I co-emceed the reception. Ideally, I wouldn't say yes right away without making sure that I know every bit of detail about the wedding, etc. but for a friend, everything is thrown at the window, haha. There was 1 detail about this wedding that didn't sit quite well for me. It was at 9 in the morning,and I had to be at the venue by 8:30 a.m. Ulk! Good thing my friends are all very resourceful and know how to work around things and events like these if need be.

Mate, are you testing our friendship? Hahahaha! Well, now you know we LOVE you, right?

Lookie here for more pics :DCollapse )

Still have more pictures to come so will be updating this entry soon. After the wedding, I went to our church to audition for the EXALT ministry, which I passed, by God's grace. This I did, with coughs and colds, almost no voice and no sleep.Whew! Isn't God soooo amazing???

Of course during the bridal march, I cried like I was the mother of the bride, and again when the parents were giving their speeches, instead of giving tissue to the mother of the bride, I had to use the tissue myself from too much crying. I'm weird, what can you do?

So I got home and took a picture of my 31 year old self after all the hoopla.

Yup, exhausted but truly blessed and happy ^_^

About me me
miz hepburn
My birthday is almost a week from now and by tradition, I post a meme of sorts just for fun.

Things you think you know about me but you don't:

<3 I love eating Jollibee spaghetti with rice

<3 I eat McDo fries with ketchup and gravy (Grabeng product mention ito, Jollibee tapos McDo hehe).

<3 I wasn't a huge fan of spicy food until a couple of weeks ago and I realize a little bit of kick adds more flavor to the food.

<3 The animated film "Up" makes me cry during its 1st 10 minutes---EVERY TIME I WATCH IT.

<3 I would rather see a pool of vomit than road killed cats (or dogs).

<3 Humor and wit can charm the heck out of me more than good looks.

<3 I'm at my happiest when I dance like a mad woman or sing my brains out.

<3 Being in Christ is the BEST thing that happened to me!

In a few days, I'll be 31 years old. Isang taon na lang, wala na ako sa kalendaryo hehe. Can't wait what happens til then :)

Musings on Pres. Aquino's inauguration
miz hepburn

I was almost in tears while watching the inauguration earlier. After almost 10 years under PGMA's presidency,we now have a new Prexy. This is really something to be thankful for and to praise God for. I didn't vote for PBAT (Pres. Benigno Aquino III), I still believe that he is the president the Lord wanted the Philippines to have.

So while everybody was talking about the program, the performers, the PGMA-PBAT meet up at Malacanang, what Kris wore, where was James,is he going to be there, how beautiful Shalani is and was it really mandatory to wear yellow ternos and barongs, I checked online to see what other people's reactions on what was happening on this momentous occasion:

...while PGMA was circling the premier room at the Malacanang
"Wow, nakabrush up si Gloria!"
"Ate Glow is dat chu?"
"Ang ngiti ng lola mo, by Manny and Pie Calayan,hehe."

...people's thoughts why PBAT took so long to go inside Malacanang for the traditional sunduan
"Nagyosi lang si P-noy, papasok daw sha after".
"Tagal naman ni Noynoy, sawa na ako sa mukha ni PGMA eh."

...when the traditional sunduan is happening
"Umpisa na ng OROCAN!"
"Ayyy, bakit parang cotillion!!!"
"Welcome to the most prestigious Tupperware party in the Philippinessssss!!!"

There were many more comments during the live streaming of the inauguration. Care to post them here?

miz hepburn
Just finished snacking on 100 grams of Raisinets. Ugh, that's like 10,000 additional calories T_T. Well, there goes my hips.

While buying those hip busters, I saw people from the office roaming around the mall, shopping on their lunch breaks, mooning over what works well with the drapes and the linens and I think to myself, "I am nowhere near these people are in their lives". It's sad. For me, not for them.

Part of me wants to stay 12 forever, though at 12 I didn't have the world either. I just wanted to be at that age--no major decisions, no life-changing choices. I was at the mercies of grown ups, whom I assume, know what they're doing.

The other part wants to grow up and throw that Peter Pan complex out of the window. Adult genes are kicking in and can't wait to get out of my system. I'm straining my neck looking at houses and properties, stuffing my bag with IKEA catalogues and checking interior design magazines. I'm not a car person so I haven't really checked models and brands.

Life. It's confusing and complex. Sometimes I want to live it to the fullest. Sometimes I just want to sit down and let it pass me by.

Ahhh, the perils of being in the mid shift alone :)

CCF Eastwood 1st Anniversary
miz hepburn

Come one, come all!!!

CCF Eastwood Celebrates One Year! Please tag your friends! You can also download the image and upload in your own page so you can tag more people! Experienced the love? Then spread the Word! =D

Last week
miz hepburn
I spent all of last week at the hospital.

My mom had her mastectomy at FEU-NRMF. She checked in last Sunday (May 2) then had her surgery the following day. Great thing she was more than willing to recover as fast as she could.

A day after the surgery, she had her IV taken off and was eating solid food.

Three days after the mastectomy, she was eating Jollibee spaghetti like a 5 year old kid:

She got discharged yesterday, after a grueling 10 days at the hospital. I just had a decent sleep today.

Thank you for all who prayed for Mama. She's on her way to full recovery. And the best part is, all the cysts came out benign. Praise God!!!

This April
miz hepburn
... I plan to, God willing, go back to dancing. I used to do ballet when I was 5. Gave that up after a bought of tantrums and my ballet teacher telling my mother I was too young to get involved in the rigorous training that came with it. My mom really pushed me to do it an early age because she wanted me to be gracefully. So much for that.

Then in 2004, I took jazz lessons at Julie Borromeo's dance school.I only had one workshop and that's it. I didn't come back because most of my classmates were a lot younger than me. They were in their teens and I was already 25 at that time. I didn't get to bond with them that much then.

This year, after volunteering for the flash mob dancers for the Earth Hour 2010, I decided to go back to dancing. I want to try at Movement Dance studio in Ortigas.

And here's there summer workshop info:

It looks fun!!!

Another option is Dance factory by Step by Steph.

Yup, it's gonna be a fabulous month!!! Indeed!!!

Earth Hour 2010
miz hepburn
 A few weeks back, I was scrambling to look for summer dance classes because I wanted to dance jazz again. It has been 6 years since I last danced jazz and eons of years ago since I last dance ballet. At 30 for some reason, my body is craving for it. So off I went on the net to find anything that resembles a conducive dance workshop that is conveniently located around my area and can fit my schedule.

I stumbled across the Dance Manila website. It houses news about dance auditions, contests and almost anything about dance. One entry in the site struck me the most. They were looking for volunteer dancers for a flash mob campaign for Earth Hour 2010. Ack!!! I want!!!

So I went ahead and registered and invited one of my friends to join me. What happened next is an extensive 2-day rehearsals at NS Amoranto stadium, new friends and loads of fun.

There had been 2 performances:

March 6 @  Mall of Asia, San Miguel by the bay and March 13 @ Bonifacio High Street.

Here's the perf @ MoA

The perf at Bonifacio Highstreet is yet to be uploaded but I know it's lots of fun!

We are experiencing the effects of climate change and global warming so please do your part to help the earth. Turn off the lights on March. 27 from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm, wherever you are in the world. It's a small step but it brings huge benefits for us and the next generation. We have been given 1 planet to live in. Let's be responsible and accountable steward of it starting today.

To know more about The Earth Hour 2010, please visit the WWF website here and here.

Oh wow
miz hepburn
A slicker, more mature Vic Zhou. My my my, look at what 7 years have done to our "bunso". Why do I feel like I've given birth to this person, lol? 

Pic c/o aiyatheydidnt.livejournal.com.



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